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Ways to Write the Best Thesis


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  • Maicer

    Club Deportivo Leganés, a small football club from the outskirts of Madrid are gearing up to make their La Liga debut later this year. The team, also known as the Los Peperioneros, is hoping to make a huge impression after climbing all the way up from Spain’s Segunda Division B. In preparation for the contests, the squad has linked up with Spanish sportswear manufacturers nike air max outlet to debut the world’s first football kit with a scratch-and-snuff badge. The kitmaker even released a video with a blue-haired player sporting the innovative jersey.
    For those who don’t speak Spanish, the badge smells like freshly-cut grass, which is admittedly a little disappointing and boring, considering players will already be running around on finely-manicured fields all season. That being said, the innovative technology could very well be put to use by fashion companies in the future. Let us know in the comments what type of smell you would want if given the chance to make your own scratch-and-sniff cheap football shirts.


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